donderdag 25 november 2010

woensdag 17 november 2010

Oosterse Nacht/EASTERN NIGHT/noches oriental # 1

the main square is every night full of 'restaurants' under white seals. Where you can have very cheap tajine, marrocan bread (as i learnt, different from turkish bread. It's not so thin. So far my highly interesting fact of the day) a mint tea and screaming marrocan proppers included. They yell and clap for every tourist that passes. Unfortunately we looked like very main -and tired, because of the scary windy flight- tourist. And adventure though.
Sealing from my bed in our hostel
Morning light

Les rues in the medina
the big central moskee, very old -12th century-
Souks. Be prepared for yelling and pushy sellers. (and lying. Yes, i can see when plastic ain't a real stone)
Soupe Marrocaine. A discovery. 50 cents (5 Dirham) for a bowl of joy. And watch the teils, there everywhere, even in the pourest parts of the city. Just like their lamps. The interiors are amazing.

We went to Marrakech, Marroco. Real bigtime eastern nights. Counts for a culturchangement:). I think i can get two conclusion out of it:1) we're all so different 2) we're all so the same. If that makes sense. And i don't say it to sound filosofical (as you might have noticed in the past, i'm not. Maybe there is a chance on the way though. Broading my horizon. Hanging with the germans. They're very mature. And cool offcourse).

We stayed in a hostel in the old part of Marrakech, Riad Zouhhine near the Medina and main square. The first day (10 nov) mainly exists out of running around headless in the souks (it's really impressive. They have so many beautiful things. I had to calm myself down), getting lost in the real local marrocan streets, visiting some culture (the oldest koran school in the world and Musee de Marrakech) and threating ourselves with a lot of deserved marrocan dishes and mint teas.