vrijdag 28 januari 2011


Lowie (Luigi), my hairy little guy, i miss you

woensdag 26 januari 2011

Francisco, Paris, London? NOO!!

ph: me from theresa; valencia wall from facebook (oh jawol)

Out of guilt of my lack of posts -to myself- of the last month..or 4.
I've decided and i'm staying here another halfyear!
It's bad for a lot of things -especially responsability things. As showed the pro's and contra's of my To Stay Or To Go- list-  but i just couldn't say goodbye to it yet.. oke, above all because the sun, i know, i'm so predictable ;) (eventhough it doesn't count now because we're freezing to death in 2° at night. Wrapping myself in my bed is like wrapping myself in an icecube. It takes me 15min only to get everything settled to be able to enter my bed. Maybe they should all reconsider not placing central-heating -nor anything else which gives warmth- in their houses.)
Now they are really a million of facts, small and big, ugly and pretty, usefull and useless why valencia is paradise. I think i'll write some now and then. Starting one of the next days.

Now last exam!

dinsdag 25 januari 2011


ph: via signe siemsen

December days

december days:
1. Paula, my german roommate, gave me a selfmade adventskalender. So sweet! As a was wining nobody sended me one (she kept on receiving them from home. Apparently it's a big thing in germany)
2. I spend alot of moments looking down from my appartement on the courtyard, watching my spanish underneighbours hang their laundry and gossip in the meanwhile with the opposite side.
3. Christmasdecoration from el chino
4. Ofcourse we didn't want to get behind so we decided to start hanging up our laundry too. With the consequence that next day Paula's bra was hanging a level lower. The neighbours weren't so kean on a foreign bra so they made it drop another level. We saw it 14 days hanging there, planning how to go and get it back, and then suddenly it desappeared totally. I'm sure one of them is wearing it right now
5. Afterparty update and analyse at plaza tossal.
6., 7. & 8. Concert of Mr. Perfumme. I saw them so many times -well 3..- i really start to get the unpleasant feeling of being a groupie. But they are magnificent. 'Wicked game' in Portuguese is breathttaking.

Now it's january and ice cold -6° in valencia. Everybody is a bit in shock. Especially in the middle of the night without heating- and i have to study Spanish exams. But haaaaaaaahahahaha, aren't they easy.
Thank you this country! i love you everyday more and more:)