woensdag 30 september 2009


source: we heart it

I believe there's nothing cooler than a cat.


zondag 27 september 2009

I feel stripey today

shoes zara ; sweater h&m ; jeans legging h&m


source: jak &jil

Go and see this streetstyle photographer. If it ain't for the number of deadly/crazy/unbelievable/iwantemnow shoes he catches, then just for his way of photographing. He really got a typical style. The persons on his pictures are never doing anything special, still it feels like the whole world's attention is drawn to them..And they're doing the most special thing in the universe.(Maybe it also helps they're wearing fabulous clothes...and omygod, SHOES. Maybe..maybe not)
Hopefully i'm also blessed with an eye like his and soon it will be shown (come on eye come on)

He also made me realise I want a jacket simular to this one:

I'd even want more one that actually IS the same but Balenciaga is still a little bit out of my reach...I'm working on it though:)

vrijdag 25 september 2009


If I could only wear a candeleer around my neck.. It's just a plain (in daylight even a bit ugly) piece of furniture but the lightbulbs make it turn into something magical.

pictures: private

You'll see alot of pictures of myself taking by myself in the mirror. Very amateuristic but unfortunately until I got my own photographer (who'll use me as his muse^^) I'll be determined to do so;).
I really start feeling the desire to make some clothingposts hmm

dinsdag 22 september 2009

I miss a car

pictures: google

Death Proof from Quentin Tarantino. I like it! It makes me wanna paint my room yellow (and yellow is SUCH an ugly wallpaint colour), walk around in my underwear, be a cool hoodchick, moooisterize my legs after shaving them (and not to skip it out of lazyness). And it's strange: the first minutes, or let's say hour, you're watching it you can only think of your waste of time/money but then there's the end and you leave the cinema with an akword but verry excited feeling. I call it the The-after-Tarantino-I-want-to-become-a-gangster-state-of-mind. Quentin is one sick mind halleluja. And I NEED TO SEE INGLOURIOUS BASTARDS
And he definitely got a foot-fetish. Almost everywhere there's a foot sticking out of somewhere.

My foots should be sticking between the layers of my bedsheets right now. I'm gonna get after some sleep that I forgot to take last night. O yess, the year has begun!I'm back in my studytown woopwoopwooppp

maandag 21 september 2009

Put something new in something old and there you got LONDON

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London was fqmmqdkjfmAMAZINGGG!!I wasn't bored for one second (oke i did only stay for 4 days, but still..some cities can bore you after 10 minutes). It's wild and lively and thrilling and busy and vivid and you get immediately dragged in that vibe. And it's not only this or that, it's so much more and all different from before (if that makes sense). I need to go back and see more!!
And the Love was mutual because we didn't got robbed, the rain didn't show his ugly face (we even got sunshine!!sometimes) and all London habitants were veryvery friendly (tubeticket-sell-man laughed and kept on laughing with my joke). And the tube (= the Underground) is clean! I might even consider still eating my sandwich if I dropped it there on the ground.
O YES it's clear as water, we're a perfect match8-)
More will come later but now I have to go and do usefull stuff!

woensdag 16 september 2009

London baaaabbbyyyy

You might not see it (hear it) but I'm speaking very posh British English at the moment because tonight I'm off to LONDOOOONNN.So I'll be totally gone for 4 days, having a blast in the city of coolness (I believe so), standing in a red phone-cell, staring for 2 hours at Buckingham Palace to see a glimpse Prince Harry (go Harry go Harry, he has won the battle from William), drueling over the clothes at Oxford street and the vintage Soho, and so on and so on.

and offcourse not to forget, getting incredible broke. YIEEEESSSSS

dinsdag 15 september 2009

Where is everybody in Blogspace?

shirt zara

How sad, I just checked out my followers and reactions and everywhere I look there's a big 0 is laughing at me. I don't know where I can see the amount of visitors but I don't think I even want to find out anymore^^. But hmm well, every begin is difficult, I guess Einstein had those kind of troubles too with his theory. Maybe I should go out in cyberspace and promote myself.. Or can I become my own follower?

Dirty Dancing
don't we all looove it?

pictures: google

I'm not a fan of Patrick Swayze or something but I just found out this morning about his death and beside the fact it's so shitty he died, it reminded be of how I like the movie. It's one of those ultimate 80's dancemovies where you know the quality ain't so fantastic but you just can't stop watching them. And then offcourse there is the musicccc (Great soundtrack. "Oooe baby, you're the oneee" haha)

maandag 14 september 2009

Blondie rocks it aaaall

my room, heaven of sleep

And because she is an endlessly source of inspiration and no new it-girl can ever compete to her: here some Debby Harry!
In my next life I want to be born as her. And have that crazy frizzy white hair the moment I see the light. AND THAT SENCE OF STYLE, kabaaam.

pictures: google

I wanna wear the second outfit: just a simple messy tshirt and the idea of no pants at all. I just don't think my town will be able to handle it. They will definitely yell at me: you forget to put on your pants!! And I also think my legs will freeze to death, so hellooo jeans!

The third picture is great too: if you ever injured your knee, just act like you ment to for your outfit!! Damn, blondie gives so much wisedom.

O yes, I still didn't wash my hair. But now I MUST and WILL.

ps. Sorry for the bad english, as you propably already figured out it ain't my language of birth. Dutch is. But you don't want me to speak that


Hello, I just wanted to say I don't really know what to say.

This is quite stupid because it's 1.30 in the morning, I just made a blog to share whatever (I don't know yet exactly) with the world and now I'm left having no idea in general. Well, well done me.

What I do know, and this is verrry important knowledge, is that i REALLY need to wash my hair. It just got 3 tones darker out of greasyness. And I don't want to be a brunette, I want to be a blonde. So, the first thing I do when i wake up in the morning (after 2 hours of trying to wake up offcourse) is drag myself to the water and wash it!

Now I go and meet my bed for some sleeploving