zaterdag 31 juli 2010

I seem to be crazy of shooting flowers lately. Most times when i'm kinda melancholic. The first one was the morning of my grandma's funeral, the second one was when i was walking friday to the station in Ghent to get my train home (ok, i wasn't melancholic then), the last ones were the day my grandma died.

Zonde en boete

I got a hicky

zaterdag 24 juli 2010

donderdag 22 juli 2010

Valencia Part 1: On s' amuse

Not prettypretty, just fun

zondag 18 juli 2010

Hola guapooo, que piensas de mis vestidos? OLALALAA

shorts: DIY Tommy Hilfiger jeans
belt: h&m
bag: h&m
sweater: Mango (new! from Valencia! with dots!)

So I went to Valencia two weeks ago and this is what I bought there (the sweater. And other things. More things that weren't supposed to happen). I -almost- swore to God I wasn't going to buy anything. I'm starting to think I have a serious SpendingMoneyProblem. Like the new grey thing, I have 6 others alike in my closet but still I was absolutely sure I needed it (no I didn't). And yesterday I went with my mom to the shoppingmall, totally innocent with only one thought in mind: STAY AWAY FROM THE SHOPS. Well, I came out with a flowered legging (which I'll probably wear never because they're so flashy.. But extremely nice), red Ked's and eum, that's it.. Still makes 2 pieces too much! Now i just HAVE to take pictures of them and show them here. At least they will have some kind of meaning in their life.

I do love the Ked's alot. I've always wanted Ked's. And the flowered leggings are like the bomb..FLOWERBOMB!!

donderdag 15 juli 2010

HLZHI: Ghent

My room in Ghent, more specific my room in the suburb of Ghent. I think 70% of my neighbours are staying illegal in Belgium and all their bread is flat (i love the bread). 90% of my neighbours I don't understand (even though 20% are origin of Belgium.. It's called 'ghents'). The streets are messy and stuffed with a footballteam of kids who stay there 'till eleven and throw fake bombs at us (big burn for me: 12year old - 22 year old: 1 - 0). Everyday when I make my walk to the Delhaize for my groceries, I pass this house with his so typical Belgian view. Urban life to the bone,  it is so raw and real.

Under: gorgeous vintage store in Ghent. The pretty part of Ghent.

zondag 11 juli 2010


ph: private

1. someone was generous and gave me contact-fluence to keep my contacts in at night. Next day when I putted the contact back in, I really thought I was going to loose my eye. It burned LIKE HELL, my eye even refused to open again so I could take it back out. The guy made a little mistake and gave me salt-something. I had to wear my glasses for a week. That was the worst week of my life.
2. Slipping on the stairs => bruised butt. The colours were amazing tough
3. belly button
4. legs