zondag 28 februari 2010


Ellen von Unwerth

And she's even better with colour.

zondag 21 februari 2010

world of difference

i want my hair like this (minus the pink..except when i'm really drunk maybe)

zaterdag 20 februari 2010

dazed and confused

via no rock without plastic

Viktor & Rolf Spring '10 Collection

Dazed and Confused February
Magdalena Frackowiak (who i always confuse with Abbey Lee)
Photography Josh Olins

i love 'm i love 'm i love 'm i love 'm i love 'm i love 'm i love 'm
how long would i have to save to be able to buy the last one?

vrijdag 19 februari 2010

WOW of today

these pants and sweater would make my life complete
Rodarte is above earth, above mankind, above ..
alexa chung's collection. English preppy schoolgirl NOT so innocent.

all via KnightCat

I see so much things and pictures and try to keep them all or show them all but it's just impossible. The world keeps on making pretty things!! Whether it's in fashion or photography or a simple outfit or movies or drawings or interieur, it doesn't stop. One look around and a dozen of views that get me excited..Or maybe i'm just to easy. Anyway, it did make some things clear, like why i'll never be able to save on clothes or close down the shopbudget. I try it everytime after a new purchase and a major attack of guiltfeeling but a week later somehow i end up again with a new evil tempting shirt or bag or sweater. There are just too much pretty things!! OR another solution would be stop running through blogs. I always get the feeling everyone has so much more clothes than me with the consequence i must have things changed.

Today i couldn't get seduced by clothes because i'm lying sick in bed. Go out and party ain't the best remedy when you are slightly un-well.


zaterdag 13 februari 2010

yesterday and the day before

In one of these cities i'll be a very looong time next year:
1. Rennes
2. Nice
(no pictures, the french folks on flickr make it impossible to steal their pictures)

no Valencia.. it does kind of itch in my heart.

ph: via flickr zisskar

Shock of the day:

Alexander McQueen.

vrijdag 12 februari 2010

donderdag 11 februari 2010

do something, you dweep

ph: via polkadotsvodkashots

zondag 7 februari 2010

perfect day


22. GOsh, i'm old!
I want diamonds to soft the pain.

zaterdag 6 februari 2010

AUF WIEDERSEHEN..and now come back

ph: private

Goodbyeparty this tuesday of Jasper and Pieter. The first one is going to Swiss for 5 months, the second one to Auckland (that's the REAL other side of the world for us. The other side with creepy huge insects). I wonder why, why can't they stay here and keep on bothering me in class with drawing d*cks on my nota's. Or remind me how lazy i am by sending me textmessages when i'm still lying in bed at 8.30 while i should be at school. It really kinda got me in a sad mood. The party was alot of fun though. First at Pipi's box getting drunk to forget how awful the reason of throwing the party is. Then to the Overpoort (going out place in Gand..not the cool one. But the one we all love deep in our hearts. I even admit out loud), it was quite dead and empty (reason: post-exam vacation) but we had ourselves to entertain and to be honoust it was a real blast. Just the usual ritual: having some beer, little bit of dancing, being tough to the bar tender, getting kicked out by the bar tender (apparently it is a crime to wear a stylish hat in a totally un-chique dancecafé), forced to go somewhere else cause someone (the hatboy) got kicked out, kickeren at a different café, back to the first café for some uncontrolled and unrythmic dancing, gossip in the toilet, getting too chatty because of the booze, getting very melancolic because of the booze, getting too touchy because of ... well you know, spreading the love, .. eh blabla BIG FUN in two words! At 8 o'clock in the morning we ended on the street (in some way we got kicked out the last dancingcafé) and i was clever enough to sneak away on my bike so i didn't have to walk 1hour with Jasper who was minus a bike. I'm such a great friend:D. The way home was a difficult task, pretending to be sober and to be one of all the other bikers, just woken up & driving to work. Thank God i didn't had to really do that. I could jump in a sea of blankets.

I made brownies with Smarties as a goodbyegift for jasper. I already made him brownies with nic-nacs before but this time it were smarties!! I really went crazy. Offcourse he was in heaven. Boys need nothing different than food made for them to be happy as a child.
I also went creative by making him a collage (to hang it in his room in NeufChatel..for the cold lonely days):