vrijdag 18 februari 2011

Tombée en amourrrrr

ph: via signe siemsen

SI tu peux te prendre le chou avec les gonzesses!!

zaterdag 12 februari 2011

the greatdom of BOREDOM

ph: signe siemsen (i'm so bad, i'm really ripping all the pictures from her blog. I really go through the whole thing because i won't miss one of them.)

I'm bored because i can't do anything properly because in 30min miri is coming with wine and porro's (our bday gift. OEEE) and there is not enough time to start with something.
I just get ready soon though..

vrijdag 11 februari 2011

Shizzle in January

ph: private

1. at school, melting in january
2. day of my oral navegacion-exam, which lasted from 9 in the morning till 9 in the evening. One tree with oranges. I felt verrry happy that moment  in the tranvia.
3. still same day, walk from the tranvia to the bridge over the turia
4. street
5. other street on my daily route, i'm totally in love with the house at the left side.
6. bridge (puente de madera) over the turia on the daily route. The hombre at the right side, playing his musicthingy, checks more people out than something else. He was always sitting there when i drove with my valenbisi to class fridaynoon, derecho de navegecion. He smashes the iron a few times with his drumsticks and then get his head back up to know who's passing. He recognizes me every time i  and when he does, he waves enthousiastic with his drumsticks and starts playing then again, smashing extra hard and with new power. I bet 2 min later he turned his head back to know who's passing next.
7. long love
8. damn emo's
9. smoking before entering la 3
10. church along the turia
11. rincon latino
12. at theresa's
13. i'm in love

The felizcumpleparty monday was too good!! Offcourse i was too proud again to run around with my camera and catch people on picture, so the amount of memories is limited which i will again regret forever. Nonetheless, yaaay! The recipe was one for disaster, as both me and miri are totally the same in forgetting things, bad organisation, lateness, panic, doubting, etc etc. Consequently, we were out of drinks after 2 hours, out of (pretty fingerdipping, not the regular bread we wisely decided to buy in huge amounts) food, we totally ignored the fact music is essential at a party and forgot the boxes, and so on. The last fail was partly solved by letting people randomly play stuff on the laptop and in between we played 1000 times the 'Valencian CD 2011' gift i got from Benny. Which i offcourse totally didn't mind. 
But as a said, i was happyhappyhappy. People coming who i had been bigtime wishing to come but never thought they would, drunken loud make-up talks -really never a good idea, i tried to refuse it but it happened anyway-, big load of italians (thank you elise:D, thankgod the polaks she invited further didn't show up) who drank our beautiful vodkagift and tried with EVERY girl as they felt the end nearing, miri: "i want the italians out of here!!" (something she is now, back sober, very ashamed about hihi. With alcohol in her body she becomes a baaad girl haha), strangers saying 'oooh it's your birthday, happy birthday!!', familiar people saying the same <3, smoking a bit of porro's, getting some porro's as a gift, grabbing hands, dancing, playing pingpong in the hallway, etc.
Thankyou Miri for your old, giant, amazingly beautiful, landlorded flat! (very bourgeouis)
Thankyou people!
Thankyou valencia
Thankyou beer

Ok, that must be enough gratefulness

we beer!


maandag 7 februari 2011


ph: me & miri;  via signe siemsen

It's my birthday WOOOT. Time to get drunk and have some fun

vrijdag 4 februari 2011

Insomnia/i want to be the one to walk in the sun

ph: private

It's 8 o'clock in the morning and i woke up about an hour ago (after 4 hours of sleep.. i'm afraid i suffer from serious insomnia) and as i can't spend my precious hours on sweet sleep, i finally got to post some looong time ago pictures. 2 months to be more exactly :). Sara, with who i go to the same uni in Gent, was on a visit somewhere the end of octobre and we did the typical stuff we do always. Which means in first place, having drinks in a café. More, there was the beach (where we were in total shock by men exposing a bit too much of themselves), the city, the walk to the top of the tower of the cathedral which gives you the most incredible view on the city, having tapas in tanto monta, getting a free chocolate dessert of 2 very friendly spanish folks sitting next to us, then meeting a bunch of 30 year old guys who wanted to celebrate a new job and invited us, having a funnyt time 30 guys especially as my spanish improved stunningly by the second (thanks to the gin-tonics), moving to the next place 'bar negrito' with the same guys and getting hit by drunkness, watching how amazingly sara can cope with alcohol, hanging and impossibilty to go home (happens everytime again), etcetc. It's was goood!
And as you can see, we were still able to wear shorts. Just to point it out hihi

It's good to have some typical gentlife in Valencia.
The combination feels weird too.
Ooo, i do miss it. Especially my friends. And the things they do. The stupid little things that are just the same as the ones before but not being part of it is a pain in the ass.

And yesterday my jacket (new, pretty, cheap, duffle coat) got stolen in Rumbo. I was so mad and dissapointed! And crying a lot as i was drunk and without control on myself. We would have taken a cab/bus but as i was too stubborn and mad i decided to walk home and be pissed on valencia.
If i could, i would have taken immediately a plain back home.

But that was a very low point. We also have a rooftop -it's heaven- since yesterday and it made me litteraly scream.

Now i'm going to have breakfast. And then drool on rooftoppictures.

donderdag 3 februari 2011