vrijdag 25 maart 2011

BDY in VLC of ME and MIRI

ph: private

To not change bad habits, i keep on posting updates one month (and a half) too late!!
Here are the pictures of the weekend of my birthday (7 february).
It was quite a heavy weekend with a quite big impact, changing stuff and situations which are still changed up till now (and might never change again). No, nobody died. And no, i didn't loose a foot or i'm not pregnant (i totally know those are two TOTALLY different things but on the level of life-changing impact they both do score high, that's what i mean...). 
First, i lost my sell phone when we went partying saturday in our favourite club La 3 (i wore my very cool  scandanavian-style 12euro h&m-purse, so hip but SOOO unpractical. It has this stupid flap and if you put anything in your purse on a nonchalant way -and it stays in the flap- and you forget to close the zip, your precious thing falls back out... THAT IS NOT WHAT A PURSE IS SUPPOSED TO DO. And offcourse, this situation takes place fast when you have a little bit of alcohol in the blood... So my phone went for the floor of La 3. The crowd was going crazy and jumped around because it was a night they could pick their own music. Amen to my Selfphone. I watched the floor and couldn't else but cry. And cry and cry and cry. And push some people aside who were jumping VERY HARD. But unfortunately nothing helped. I never found it back. And i know it's just a phone. And it was 5 years old and totally out of date -i don't join the blackberry/iphone trend.- buuut i L O V E D my pink Samsung. And it was full of memories -i said that to people, and you never believe what their response was.. they laughed. And keep on repeating it, laughing- which i kept for ages to now and then check again full of melancholie. Maybe it was time to move on and stop living in the past. Maybe it was a sign. A new mobile, a new life. Okay, too much blabla about my mobile). 
The night at La 3 had other bad moments, due to an incredible shitty moment of the day before. Friendship things. Oooor 'supposed to be friend'-ship thingies. Untill you discover that some people really aren't that nice. They felt bad -as they should be- and ran after me in La 3. Drunk and mad as a was, i ran away from them. Imagine the situation. Alcohol makes you quite childly again. Nevertheless, i had reasons and it was totally reasonable.
Next monday, it was the 7th of February which means, BIRTHDAY. I gave together with Miri -3th of February- a little fiesta in her piso. I could write another 100 lines on how incredible pretty her piso is but just look at the images above to have an idea. The party was SUUUUUPERRRRRchulo but the day itself was SUUUUUUUUUPERRRRshitty. 
Corte Ingles, the chique big storebrand of Spain, supposed to be full of garanties and service and clientprotection, trapped me. In a HUGE trap. They made me buy a mobile that only works in Spain with an operator-card i didn't have. When i discovered something was wrong i went back, the same day-my bday-, confused. And when a new seller explained me the situation and it hit to me, i got tears in my eyes. In Corte Ingles. On my birthday. After a lot of more problems -without getting rid of the mobile in corte ingles, they had a 'special' exchange policy for these kind of mobiles-, cruising around in the ghetto of Valencia, searching some dark illegal indian liberate-your-phone-shope, i finally got it liberated and now i can put whatever operatorcard into the thing, in whatever country i am! Aha, eat this Orange Spain!! Happiness can be so easy.
The party was as you can see a great success, it's been a while now but i'll try to remember the highlights:
- people who i was praying to god to to come, came suprisingly and i used my houstwifeskills to stick myself to them the whole night and totally forgot about the other guest! It paid off
- mmmmm
- we got amazing gifts: the childrenbook El Principito of Petra (really, enough challenge for me to read); original selfmade spacemuffins (chocolate muffins from Mercadonna with two joints stuck in them) of Petra and Svenja, delivered by Fabio; John Frieda conditioner with coconutsmell; muffins and flowers!; bottle of vodka!!!; cd with our Valenciasongs to keep forever and listen to on rainy melancolic days in the future; ii euu
- our ABSOLUTE VODKA bottle that got totally finished by Italian guys we had never seen before
- Elise who invited the whole Italian community of Valencia
- Miri who got familiar with Michi and told him her whole past and current lovedifficulties
- Petra drunk
- About it

Now it's already April and half of my close circle of trust left (forever or a little while, for example to go make a check up of a tumor in their brains. A good tumor offcourse, else i wouldn't be saying it so airy)

As it's time to move on and tell the other things that happened the past two months, only one little last thing:


in fact it totally turned out to be true because i'm currently missing you hell

maandag 21 maart 2011

Los Abrazos Rotos.. España, para tí

I really start to fall for Spain.
My resistance is breaking.
Even for the language.
Yes, even for their weird ununderstandable crazy language!!!

Special thanks to pedro almovodar i guess

maandag 14 maart 2011

what katie did

she bought some dipers

slept with the -so called- sexiest man on earth.
I wouldn't share that opinion.
I'd only give him the sexiest man in his village.

saved her skin from the terrible consequence of too many cigarettes by getting a facial

forgot to put on some clothes

got people make incredible pretty songs about her (pete doherty: what katie did) and say crazy things about her (pete doherty: kate is amazing)
-sorry for the dead ugly picture but i liked the bag so much i had to take it. Same for the dress-

other things she did:
- be a real, true addict
- eum

I still got a long way to go

milk i kept cold

via signe siemsen

because she knows how to dress!!