donderdag 24 juni 2010

Movement # 17

The visagie. The one thing i liked about my outfit (together with the endlesslong fake braid). It was orange/yellow and ment to make us look tired. But the goodliking, just-out-of-bed-kind of tired.

The socks.. But damn, you should have seen the shoes. They were like butt-working-reebok shoes made out of rubber and bycicle-tires
Some French speaking (origin Brussels or Wallonie), cool dressed black men. Their clothes fitted so well with their original style. Even the silver horizontal stripe could they just wear in everyday life.
The outside, where models smoked and talked and worked their art. And modelboys ganged up and acted stupid and made jokes. They were also really funny. Especially with the worst catering EVER we got.
The prehistory cavemen. Rawr.

Movement is the graduation show of the designers of the Modeacademie of KASK Ghent. They hold it every year in Bijloke, an old stunning renovated monastery (Ghent is truely full of breath-taking mediaeval constructions. People live here in houses from de 15th century. I should go take pictures and show 'm here). The master years show their final collection (about 15 pieces i think), the bachelors show eight pieces. Last year a girl asked me on the street if i could model for her. I couldn't but i said she could contact me any other time, so she did. That's why this year i suddenly found myself in clothing who could make me burst in tears every moment. I don't want to be cricical (ok, too late) but it's just really REALLY not my taste. I saw sooo many beautiful pieces (the Prada fantasy style with prints of trees and stuff, the crazy Alexander Mcqueen blue-green pieces, the boudoir 50's style with shiny soft white/rose fabrics, savage holecave man with fur and ropes and (real!) girls on their shoulders like they shot them like some kind of deer (ooo, how awesome was that. I deeply wished to be shot too), Dries Van Noten combinations, ...) but in non of them i was. My designer turned us into countrywoman aka goblinwoman aka something asian aka REALLY NOT SEXY. There was just nooo way of wearing it elegant or  I believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder and i believe her pieces were technically perfect and that's she's extremely good in what she does BUT i wanted to kill myself. Everybody was so cool and hip and modely and we were unrefined, clumsy, messy countrysidepeople. And they looked also at us in that way. We started all equal but when we wore the clothes, from that point, we got banned from the group. In the end my state of mind turned and i started rebelling. I decided to just wear my piece of death with proud. Probably nobody noticed but it made a huge difference for us. And beside that, we also (the 8 of us outsiders.. Really 9 with Griet our designer but she's even an outsider with the outsiders.) had alot of fun. All the misery just gave me the giggles after a while.

I shot some pictures of the backstage and the mood but the most awesome clothingpieces i haven't got on paper. I might go search the internet for the ones you really should see. There were really some innovating, original collections (so was our collection.. but not in the good way). There were on the other side also some real rip-offs. But i won't give cricics 'cause i made absolutely nothing.

woensdag 23 juni 2010

white skin, dark eyes

ph: private

last couple of weeks

I did absolutely, totally, extremely nothing (beside studying that is). And how does nothing look? Like this. See how lame days are spent.

Because you have no friends to talk with for a very long time you're getting a) quite mentally disorded/retarded b) happy with extremely uninterested stupid things. Every little new thing is fun and exciting and worthy of a picture. Like a heartshaped potatoe, i pictured him in every imagineable scene in my house. The ones with me and the potatoe are still here to come.

This is potatoe chilling in my fantastic red couch

My white/brown freckled legs who occupated my mind most of the time. Like how white they are, how to get the whiteness away, how to activate the pigments in my skin,... On the left side my new bag of Missoni, i had 70% off. Still pretty expensive so now i'm on bread and water to save money. ('bread and water' in clothingland. I still eat tasty things offcourse)

Headsubject is -offcourse- the pet. I must have 100 pictures taken of him in 2 days. But my kitty Lowie is not just a regular pet. He is hairy, lazy, extremely stupid and smart at the same time, VERY clumsy, innocent (not for the mouses in our backyard), naive, simple, giant and cute to the bone. Believe me, it's hard to resist.

dinsdag 22 juni 2010