zaterdag 9 oktober 2010


In Valencia i share a flat with two other spanish young people (Nadia and Cassio). That's how everyyybody -the students and unmaried ones- do it here. Not so stupid when your country is a bit in a crisis. Anyway, my flat rocks. The location is to perfection (la cuidad vieja con la calle de caballeros en mi jardin. Et la fiesta está siempre en la calle de caballeros jaj jaj). My room is tinywiny. It's basicly a bed with four walls around. And i got no storeroom so all my junk lays cosy around me. But what the hell, i'm happy here. We got a cat and we got Valencia.
1. a little flash of my pink polkadots.. I LOVE THEM
2. other corner of my room. My wardrobe at the right
3. Some cool hip fotos with the rose i got from a spanish ('spanish rose guy')
4. the window

zaterdag 2 oktober 2010

v de Vida

1. view from my room..lonely life of a cloud in Valencia. Como me gustaaa
2. carrer de la llibertat
3. blablabla
4. because we are perfect housewives (who drop the espaguetti afterwards on the floor.)
5. supermercado central
6. paula with cientos montaditos and un monton de spanish.
7. the housecat. gordita, mimi, isis, poes, kitty. Crying at my door right at this moment
8. tanning
9. icecream loco!!
10. the men from the ambulance at llaollao. thinking what icecream to get (big decision) and dropping things
11. walking from spanish class, over the -dried up- Turia river
12. Liesbeth AT A GOOD DAY
13. yes, each of us bought one

Mas mas mas fotas to come!! Recovering from a hangover right now. Yesterday was full and fun! First saw an extremely good and cool local spanish band (mr perfumme and somethingsomething and...the second name i totally forgot) play in Foolskool. A music/cometogetherplace with old closets full of books and a wall painted to druel on. A lot of spanishspanish (= some piercings, some tattoos, some beard, some messy mix of everything on their body.. Girls with red nails and black long hair) went wild on their folkthingy. I was mostly like 'qué???' but then just went along with the vibe. Afterwards i went to Miri to get ourselves tipsy before we headed to club La Indiana. Entrance was 12 euro so we REALLY needed to be. The club was the opposite of Foolskool (the wrong side of spanish folks) but i wanted to go there to see a Belgian friend from school who came especially to valencia to watch (no not me) a footballgame. The main thing we did was fooling around, and especially to be fooled at.  So it was 12 euros spend to lameness. And offcourse the company of pimping, tacky, working out spanish guys.

I do have to stop smoking. I start to sound like a man. But it's impossible, they eat here cigarettes.

I want to tell so much more about Valencia. The streets, the life, the people, the atmosphere,the cafes.. but it's hard to put it in words.
I certainly don't want to talk only about drunk nights and tacky clubs.
But oke, till now i do