woensdag 27 juli 2011

dinsdag 26 juli 2011


ph: maja casablancas; unknown

Voor Lander
La vida es una tombola, right

zaterdag 23 juli 2011


ph: private

Flight at 7 oclock, arrived at 9 (local time, 1 hour time difference). We went out the night before, met at 2 in the morning, slept 3 hours, woke up at 5 and were throughly planning to cancel it all so we could be able to sleep further. Doing the whole trip to arrive seemed like the most exhausting thing in the world. It also kind of was, as you'd be able to see on the pics i choose not to show here (neither anybody else except myself). But hello, waking up at 5.. 3 hours sleep.. being a bit tipsy and hangover. It's a recipe for a lazy stupid disaster. 
Fortunately we decide to get out of bed.
So at 12 something we were in El Cotillo, where our (surfers)hostel was. And beside the hostel, 100 inhabitants permanently living there. C R A Z Y. It did took a while to learn to appreciate El Cotillo. It was a small small ieniemienie tiny fisherstown and people were literrary going crazy because of the loneliness. I mean, how many times it happened we were enjoying a nice Canarian Island beer -Tropical- and two seats further a local drunken townwicked was laughing and singing songs and giggling when you passed to go to the toilet. Once exactly. But it could have happened all the time. It's just really abandonned. And you have to get used to it if you're a citygirl and coming from the vivid party city VLC.
And yes it was a surfershostel
But no there weren't any surfers (except two girls and a couple who came to learn to surf. but as it will take them 5 more years to be able to stand on a surfthing, i don't count them as surfers) because it wasn't the season yet.
So the first hour, in combination with the exhausting trip, we kind of felt in a little depression. Further, there was only 1 bar open. Only one. On a friday. They didn't even have anything that slightly looked like a dancebar. I must have repeated a thousand times in my head "OOOOOMGGGG why did i refuse to go to Mallorca because it was too turistic???I AM A TURIST!! I LOOOOVE crowdy bars and shops and people to watch. It's my favourite thing to do!!!".
But i really did learn to appreciate the awesome giant endless powerfull ocean and huge strong waves and long empty semi- white beaches with rocks and sand and everything else what there is on cool beaches.
Even the loneliness of El Cotillo. After a few days at least. After we discovered its awesome - with not too much moving water. Little waves so i can bath and peddle tranquilo without having to be afraid to end up with water in my eyes and noise.- lagoon and after we took a trip to ugly tasteless  crowded Corralejos. That made us really value El Cotillo.
O yes,also something really worth mentioning, the french bakery in El Cotillo! It may have absoooolutely nothing but it DOES have the best french bakery in Spain. It had been forever i had eaten a good croissant. Plus one to a good mood big time:). So it became immediately are daily stop. 
More adventures in adventourous el Cotillo, next time!

donderdag 21 juli 2011


ph: private

I was one week in Fuerteventura the end of June. Taking well deserved beach vacation -and where can you do that better than SPAIN?! now tell me- from writing horrible spanish papers. Ending the end of Erasmus in style.

I can't really say we were stylish though. 

For example, we were forced to sleep the last night on a golftterrein for children in the middle of Corralejos- town (which is basically a beach with fugly hotels and the worst dressed people in the world. I LOOOVEED IT. For one night. The rest of the days we stayed fortunately in little fishermen villages not poisened with turism. True true zen and getting back to the basics)

Anyway, i might come back to it later -little time now- buuut what i wanted to say: if you want a island which looks like a huge dusty stone full of dustier mountains and desert and wacky people, GO TO FUERTE!! If you want also the most amazing (abandonned) beaches and waves and lagoons (at times with a lost poissening turist) and incredible clear turquoise water, GO TO FUERTEVENTURA!!! If you, more, want to party till you fall drunk and embarrasing on the ground and shop till you drop, DONT GO TO THERE!!!

but it was great anyway:)

The pictures were taken with a camera we had to open manuel (really, pull the lens out of the camera each time) and of who we believed every time we took a picture we had to arrange its funeral.
but it survived
and google picasa is a thankfull amigo

BESOS from rainy sucky belgium!

donderdag 14 juli 2011

Et c'est fini

 I'm back home. Or away from home would be better (excuse me for the cheesy-ness. I can't help it. I think it's the belgian weather. You have to be a very strong personality -or on pills- to keep on giggling and smiling in this grey grey heavyclouded country.)
Since July the 2th. However, i've been rather cool about. Except the first day back -and maybe the second and third too- which brought me back to earth and the realisation it is not quite a big party here (hell, what an understatement). But then i saw friends for exactly 3 days long, then everybody decided to have a vacation, and then i was thrown 1000 times as much back to earth WITH MY THESIS BREATHING IN MY BACK. I saw practically my whole class graduate the 6th of July -i didn't want too, i was just forced to go the fancy building to bring back keys-, went back home, and then saw my empty word-doc, black on white, staring at me and scaring the hell out of me. In exactly 30 days this has to be a 60 pages- long- research on transboundery natureparks. (yes, i chose the subject myself, as a strong believer and follower of nature).

So now, THANK GOD FOR MY UNWRITTEN THESIS, i'm too busy to nostalgic or be in heartpain or bore myself and loose myself in the past!!
It happens from time to time, i think 30min a day, but then my mind gets occupied again with reality and 'ONO' or 'OMG IT WOULD BE NICE TO GRADUATE'.


More later alligator, in the meanwhile i stay cosy inside and don't bother at all the weather is a bastard!

1. Little dance, Juergen teller; 2. Daria Werbowy loves the beach too 3. Juergen Teller (pamela! vivienne!!)